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Cutting Edge Disaster Recovery and Back Up. It's now not if you get attacked by hackers, it's when...

RedDoor are constantly looking at ways of improving our service making sure that in the event of any kind of failure we’ve got you covered. RedDoor have recently partnered with Datto a cloud based service provider who specialise in disaster recovery solutions.

In the case of a total hardware failure, natural disaster or ransom ware attack using Datto your business can be back up and running within minutes rather than the usual lengthy data recovery which can in some cases take several days. Also, Datto offer a 30-day virtual cloud server service in the event that you would need to relocate temporarily.

This new product would replace your existing cloud backup service with a small device located at your site which co-ordinates ‘mirrored copy backups’ allowing us within seconds to virtualise your server getting you up and running again almost instantly.

Including within the package is a quarterly disaster recovery test that simulates total failure, so we can be certain the system protection and procedure is in order.

In a nutshell this system

  • Replaces your current back up adding a disaster recovery element in the event of an electrical fault, ransomware attack, server crash, natural disaster etc.
  • Takes a snapshot of your server and all mission critical data every 5 minutes
  • Allows us to restore full operation in the event of a failure within 10 minutes of connecting all your users to a virtual server in the cloud

The Packages

The Alto 3 product is available in November orders for a special introductory offer of £250 with free installation (Normal price £675 plus £150 installation)
Monthly charge of £145 minimum 1-year contract. (this includes backup for 1-year time based retention)
Monthly charge of £175 minimum 1-year contract. (this includes Infinite Cloud based retention)

We know that there is not a more comprehensive system for protecting your business out there, and are really pleased to offer this service. It really isn't a case of if you get attacked by hackers, it's when...

Download our Guide to this service from RedDoor here

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