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We offer for sale a wide range of computers, laptops, media equipment and peripherals to businesses both large and small. Our prices are generally competitive, and of course supported, guaranteed and are often at specially negotiated Educational terms and/or with extended warranties. Our main focus is Hewlett Packard for things like Business Desktops, laptops & tablets & printers. We can also supply network switches and servers designed for the Small Medium Business. So products like ProLiant ML, DL and Micro Servers

Great Customer Service is free...

As a business you need to be making sure you get the right balance between quality and price when it comes to buying computer hardware. At RedDoor we have spent time building excellent relationships with suppliers to make sure we can meet that balance for you

All our items can be in stock next day delivery and we do keep a small stock level ourselves. We are also constantly checking our prices against the other major online retailers to make sure our prices are still competitive to you making it worth while you buying from us. As with everything we provide, buying from us means you are buying from a local company and you get the high level of customer service we provide when it comes to returns and advice...

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