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The web has changed forever...

Since Google announced early last year that they would use the 'mobile friendliness' of all websites as a ranking indicator the world of website design had to quickly adapt...This was a game changer and the term 'Responsive Web Design' was born.

Responsive Web Design makes your website look good on all devices (desktops, tablets, and phones). This is particularly pertinent now as the internet is accessed more by mobile devices (phones and tablets) than desktops. Add the fact that with most smartphones and tablets being GPS enabled the way people find your website has changed too, location based search is more relevant than ever with the ability for users of the net to find goods and services based on where they are now...

Not just a website, a digital strategy...

A modern website aimed at consumers or business needs to perform across a range of devices and deliver rich content quickly and succinctly. At RedDoor we don't see the point of having a business website if no one goes there... Our approach to your company's website design will always be part of a wider digital strategy aimed at elevating your company profile on the web, ultimately delivering more enquiries and business to your door. That is our aim and our mission, and we'll do it using the following

  • Producing creative fully responsive web design
  • Looking closely at your business model and delivering a scalable solution
  • Using reliable and tested methods to rank your site favourably on search
  • Realistic and affordable pricing
  • Advising on the many ways to promote your business on 'the web'
  • Future proofing your website

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